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Scorching Chengdu Jinghua Photoelectricity Science and Technology Co., Ltd., winning honor for China

Our mission

With constant pursuit of innovation and excellence, Jinghua offers a way for human to perceive a better world and possess a happier life, which will also create greater values for clients, employees, investors, business partners as well as the society.

Brand Interpretation

Jinghua Optoelectronic Co., Ltd. was established on May 24th, 1995 and its core business covers developing, manufacturing and marketing optical equipment including optical glass and blanks, optical lens and components, micro optical projectors and so on. Since its establishment, Jinghua has been committed to the techniques of optical glass precision machining and stretched the core business up to the optical glass industry and down to the R&D, manufacturing and marketing of the optical lens module as well as micro projector and its optical engine. Headquartered in National Economic Development District, Chengdu, Sichuan Province, Jinghua sets up marketing department, material-log business division, lens business division and assemblage business division, and also controls Chengdu Sailinkesi Industrial Co., Ltd., Zhongshan North Precision Optics Co., Ltd. and Chengdu Xunda Optical Co., Ltd.. After two decades of development, Jinghua has built an integrated industry chain embracing glass melting, lens manufacturing and assembling, as well as final goods marketing,whose annual production capacity reaches 1 thousand tons of optical lanthanide glass,180 million pieces of optical blanks, 80 million pieces of optics and 3.6 million optical lens.

Keeping “ protect the environment , benefit the society” in mind, Jinghua implements environmentally-friendly production according to ISO14001.Meanwhile, it insists to “people first” principle in internal management and supplies advantageous working and living environment to employees.As one of the private optical enterprises in China, Jinghua in Chengdu is striving to connecting its advantages on technology and economy with its responsibility on society and environment firmly, aiming at acquiring both social approvals and employee satisfaction.

Personnel mien

  • Personnel mien——annual gala